About Lean Human Capital

Over the last 24 years, LHC's founders have worked with thousands of recruiters from over 3000 respected organizations throughout the world. In addition, they have studied and benchmarked industry experts in:

  • Process Improvement (Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints)
  • Analytics
  • Organizational Development
  • Personality/Psychological assessment
  • Marketing, Brand Development
  • Personal Achievement and Behavior Modification
  • Time Management
  • Recruiter Training

These efforts have resulted in the creation of a radically different approach to analysis, process optimization, and continuous improvement for your entire recruitment organization known as TALENTx.

By rationalizing your staffing supply chain, we help you create a proactive, efficient hiring strategy that will:

  • Dramatically reduce time-to-fill and vacancy rates.
  • Improve quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce cost and waste associated with an inefficient recruitment function.

To achieve optimum results, our renowned Recruiter Academy Education & Development Solution provides your staff with "Best-in-Class" recruitment training methodologies, tools and techniques required to deliver a lean, just-in-time recruitment solution and create a culture passionate about life long learning.