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Relocation Rollercoaster

Our wonderful economy has created stressful times for many folks. In order for some people to secure employment, relocation is necessary (providing they can sell their homes).

In a recent conversation I had with 2 individuals over lunch, I was reminded how stressful relocation can be even in positive career move situations (both of these folks were relocating for promotional opportunities with their respective firms).

Here are a few comments they made over a casual lunch.

  • “I’ve been traveling back and forth since June. Heavy since Oct. (every week).”
  • “I’m not going back home this weekend since my husband is home with the flu, and I have a weekends worth of work to do anyways!”
  • “I figured I would spend some time looking for temporary housing; a place I can store some items during the move.”
  • “Next Friday I have to put the house on the market; paint and clean out garage, etc. I would rather be working!”
  • “My husband needs to update his resume and start looking for a new job.”
  • “I got a call on Thursday afternoon; the Realtor locked the door after showing our house! My wife was locked out with our 6 year old and 8 month old! She was stuck at the neighbors until the Realtor made it back (2 hours later) to unlock the door. My wife told me I’d better be well rested because I would have kid duty all weekend; I’ve got to prepare for the new job…” “…I’ve been working 12 hour days just to prepare!”
  • “Next week I will be moving Monday-Wed; staying at my folk’s house in Florida from Thursday to Saturday; getting into rented condo on Monday with some of our stuff and storing the rest until we find a house. The house we wanted to buy we missed by 4 hours. I will be back in office for meetings on Thursday.”

A peer of mine shared the following story with me: She ran into a person she had recruited to her organization 10 months earlier. She had been hearing great things about this gentleman from his boss. His boss said he was assimilating well into the culture, doing a great job, etc.

When she mentioned to him how well she heard things were going . . . He commented:

“The job and company are great! It’s when I get home that is tough. We still haven’t sold our house. My daughter just started talking to me again last month. My wife is having a tough time adjusting including being home sick. The personal side of this move has been really, really tough.”

Changing jobs is one of the top 5 most stressful things humans do in their lifetime. Changing jobs and relocating in a difficult economy…? …WOW; much easier said than done!

With that said, if you and/or your organization recruit candidates that must relocate are you doing everything possible to make the process less stressful? Are you reaching out and asking how you can assist with the “personal side of the move”?

Doing any/everything you can to make the transition as smooth as possible makes all the difference in the world!

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