Lean, Just-in-Time Recruiting!

Little money/Even less time to grow your network – Quick Tip

 A quick tip/reminder as we head into the holiday weekend.

Linkedin!!! – Remember-when you interview a candidate that you perceive as high quality it only takes a few minutes to send them a quick linkedin invitation!

There couldn’t be an easier thing to do to expand your network. Get done with an interview, do to linkedin and invite that candidate in.

I bet many of you are thinking right now – - of course, I do that . . . BUT — do you do it 100% of the time with each and every quality candidate you interview?

If the answer is no – - Then I recommend that you put a POST IT note on your PC screen stating:

Invite all quality candidates to link in with me!

If you develop the discipline to do this 100% of the time, your network will grow exponentially over the next six months!

Have a great holiday weekend!

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