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Over the last month, I have facilitated four LEAN Value Stream Mapping exercises.  As mentioned in a recent blog, I am always amazed at how little time is spent in “Process Mode” and how much time is spent “Waiting”.  With the four organizations I recently worked with, the average Process Time was less than 10% of the total Lead time (AKA – Time to fill). 

Of course the key reason you perform a value stream mapping exercise is not just to map out your current state process but rather to identify solutions to reducing waste and wait time.  In evaluating all four staffing processes, the most wait time “variation” centered around . . . . now don’t be shocked . . . ok I am going to say it . . . HIRING MANAGERS!

Yep, most wait time is centered around:

  • Defining the requisition once it was approved (getting enough information required to begin the search)
  • Managers selecting candidates to interview
  • Managers being available to interview
  • Managers making a decision on hire

Some simple, but highly effective strategies to reduce wait time that resulted from our value stream mapping exercises:

  • In advance of a requisition being approved (if it is pending approval), set up a meeting with the hiring manager to qualify the requisition (AKA – Intake Session). If for some reason the requisition doesn’t get approved, you can cancel the meeting.
  • If one recruiter fills a position with an internal candidate, let the recruiter assigned to back fill the position know ASAP. This gives them a heads up on a future position and they’ll be able to qualify the requisition with the hiring manager long before it hits the “system”.
  • “Batch” candidates for consideration and review with the hiring manager prior to submitting.  Instead of routing candidates as you receive them, wait until you have 2 or 3 candidates.  Then set up a quick con call to review them with the hiring manager. NEVER send resumes or paperwork WITHOUT  a discussion with the hiring manager first.  Call and say “I have 2 candidates I want to review with you that I really like.  When can we discuss for 5 minutes?” Search Firm recruiters have been doing this for years!
  • Of course the ultimate way to remove wait time in the “route-review-interview” process is to eliminate the “route-review-interview” process.  During the intake, identify times when the manager is available to interview (give yourself sufficient lead time) and then just schedule the top 2-3 candidates within those time slots.  Why does the hiring manager need to review candidates before the interview? That is our job :)
  • Schedule a 15-minute “debrief” meeting with hiring managers immediately after the interview.  Send an outlook request to meet to debrief at the same time you send the interview request.

While these seem like simple things to do . . . they can have a huge impact on overall TTF!  We often get so obsessed with trying to reduce sourcing time, pipelining candidates, workforce planning, etc to reduce TTF when . . . while I encourage you investigate all of those things . . . the quickest, lowest cost strategy is just working on your current WAIT time bottle necks!

NOTE: Most of the above are based on the assumption that YOU control the interview/hiring process. I.E. – you assist managers with facilitating the interview/selection/offer process.  If your process is to route candidates to managers and let them control the process . . . I would consider changing it ASAP. While it does take more time, in the long run you will save time/waste by being more efficient. For more information on this – Check out our Blog site and search under “process efficiency”.

If you are interested in more information on Value Stream Mapping, please connect with me

Have a productive day :)

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