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Eating Frogs Will Help You Enjoy the Holidays

Like most of you, I find that the holiday season can bring intense pressure to meet deadlines and get things done before we take a few days off (hopefully :) ).

And when you are working at maximum capacity, you have little room for error and/or time to waste on non-productive, non-value added tasks!

In efforts to improve our time management/planning skills, we have studied experts in time management, personal achievement and behavior modification which has resulted in the creation of The Perfect Week/Perfect Day planning methodology

I thought I would share a couple of simple, yet powerful, concepts from this methodology to ensure that you finish the year productively!

  1. To maintain focus and sanity in extremely busy times, you must INVEST more time in planning your weekly/daily activities.   Spending ½ hour creating a time-based daily schedule will allow you to be 25-30% more productive during the day.
  2. Make sure you identify and ‘Eat your Frogs’ early in the day.  Embedded into our methodology is Brian Tracy’s (www.briantracy.com) Eat the Frog philosophy.  If you have never watched the Eat the Frog Movie - DO SO NOW!  In one minute, you will grasp the invaluable concept.  ‘Eating Frogs’ early on will build positive momentum and provide energy for the rest of the day!

Some other helpful hints are outlined in our free resources portal under time management/planning.

I hope that your next week is hyper productive so you can enjoy the holidays!

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