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Measuring Quality of Hire

We’ve always had requests from our clients and network on how best to measure Quality of Hire.  For years there has been debate throughout  recruiting circles on how to effectively measure it.  I think the common consensus is that it’s one measurable thing. Right?  Some Holy Grail that once found will bring us everlasting happiness.

Our view is that the best way to measure quality is through a 360 degree view across your customer base. Quality of Hire is not simply one metric, but a host of them that when combined will give you an overall indication of the quality of the individuals your organization is hiring.   

Here are some of the categories we consider when measuring Quality of Hire.

New Hire Satisfaction:  After new hires complete the recruiting experience, ask them to rate the experience with your department through surveys or focus groups.  This is even more critical for your internal transfers, which in many organizations represent 30-40% of your annual hires.

External Candidate Satisfaction:  This measures the experience of those individuals that were declined by your organization.  These are the folks that will go back out into the market and speak about their experience with your brand.  Whether it was positive or negative, it will have a ripple effect through their network.  Right now, I’m working with a client who is measuring this across one of their critical job families which also has a high attrition rate.  Hence they’re constantly trying to re-recruit candidates they previously declined, so this metric is critical to them.

Hiring Manager Satisfaction. What is the overall hiring manager satisfaction rating of their overall experience with recruiting? Consider aspects such as:  Recruiters understanding of the business they support, responsiveness to the hiring manager, customer service, candidate quality, and others.  For those of you that have worked with us you know this as part of the Hiring Manager Voice Of the Customer (VOC) work that we do.

Retention rates:  What is the new hire voluntary termination rate for your new hires in their first year by department?  What is it for your critical job families?

New Hire Performance versus Their Peers:  How does the performance of the individuals that were hired in the last six months compare to their peers?.  Are they meeting, or exceeding expectations?

We’re working with a few systems on this now.  If you’d like to discuss how we can partner with you on measuring Quality of Hire please contact us.

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