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Hiring Manager Intake Sessions: Poll Results

One of our recent polls asked:  “Do you meet in person with your hiring managers to qualify a new open requisition (IE – Intake Session)?”

The results of our poll confirm that we’re seeing a positive trend with more and more organizations migrating towards “best in class” methods of managing their hiring managers.

“Do you meet in person with your hiring managers to qualify a new open requisition (IE – Intake Session)?”

40%:   Yes – 100% of time. It is the most important step in the staffing process. 

42%:   Most of the time – if not, I schedule a meeting via the phone to perform the intake session.

5%:     Sometimes – if we don’t meet, they send me the position description. 

7%:    Rarely – they send me information on the position and/or input into our ATS system.

6%:    Never – my managers expect me to know what they are looking for!

82% of respondents conduct an intake session with hiring managers.  A critical step in the management of any consultative relationship is the ability to establish a strong foundation to the partnership (yes, you’re the recruiting consultant to your hiring manager!). 

This starts when consultants engage with clients in the initial intake session. 

Intake Session = Foundation:  If you have a good intake session then you have a strong foundation to build a relationship! A good intake session is not only about uncovering the basic wants and needs of your hiring manager but it will allow you to explore the position in great detail as well, including:

  • Why is the position open?
  • What are the top 3-5 key objectives for someone in this position?
  • What are the challenges a person will face in this position?
  • How is performance measured?
  • What is your hiring manager’s style/personality/culture?
  • Sourcing strategy questions
  • Who are some of your top performers that I could network with?
  • What are the selling points of the position?
  • What “knock out” questions do you suggest I use?

I hope you are including some of these questions in your intake sessions!  Remember, a well conducted intake session goes a long way to assure that your position will be filled by the best possible candidate and in as little time as possible!

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