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Recruiters – The Backbone of an Organization!

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

I’d like to share a thought I had on the road this week.  Having had the opportunity to analyze recruitment performance at over 100 health systems throughout the nation, the statement “Nurses are the backbone of the health care delivery system” often comes up. This flattering statement is well deserved!  With RNs making up 23% of our health care system’s workforce . . . nurses literally are the backbone given their dominant presence in the hallways :) !

With that said, I want to be the unofficial first person (I’m probably not but . . .) to say that “Recruiters are the backbone of each and every organization” we work for!  We are the folks that identify the talented candidates that drive our organization’s success. 

Given this fact, it amazes me that:

  • There is no degree in Recruiting (IE – Bachelor’s of Science in Business – Major: Talent Acquisition :) )
  • Many in recruiting view the position as a ‘stepping stone’ versus a ‘destination’ role.
  • Most have learned their craft thru unstructured ‘over the shoulder’, webinars, or conference learning sessions!
  • We often don’t get the credit we deserve regarding our organizations overall performance.  If we didn’t find/recruit the top talent. . . .?

So what does wearing this lofty new title mean?  

  • You need to be educated on the art & science of recruiting.  Of course I will plug our Recruiter Certification Program as a powerful structured educational program.  But, if not ours, find one and take it!
  • Be proud to be ‘the backbone of the organization’!  Recruiting, in my mind, is a destination role in an organization.
  • Remember that respect is earned!  Effective recruitment skills + strong knowledge of the business/service line you recruit for = respect from key stakeholders (hiring managers, candidates, executives, etc.)!

I hope you are having a Perfect Week.

Seeking Presenters to Share Thier Story!

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

As I reflect on the unofficial close to ‘Conference Season’ for the holidays, I am further convinced that what makes a conference great (to me) are the dynamic presenters that:

  • Are motivational
  • Are funny
  • Have real life experiences/case studies to share
  • All of the above!

From my conversations with other professionals at these events, I seem to be part of the majority that think this way.  There’s nothing worse than listening to a person pontificating on the abstract theory of a topic telling you ‘what’ you should be doing.

I would rather hear the un-sanitized ‘real life’ case study related to something we all struggle with or want to learn about. I want the ‘how to’ strategies. I want to hear about the challenges and the success story regarding the journey!

We try to provide this type of experience when presenting at conferences or via our webinars.  So, I’d like to shamelessly plug our next webinar!

Henry Ford Health System’s Journey to Migrate to a Lean, JIT Recruitment Organization!
Presented by Barb Matti, Director of Talent Acquisition at Henry Ford Health System
November 2, 2011 from 1:00-2:00 PM EDT
Register Now

In addition, I want to encourage all of you folks that are motivational, funny or . . . have real life experiences/case studies to share . . . TO SHARE YOUR STORY WITH US!

The National Association for Health Care Recruitment (NAHCR) is currently seeking presenters (Call for Presenters) for their Annual IMAGE Conference which will take place in Indianapolis next July!  They’re seeking presentations that involve “real life” programs and case studies including topics such as: Allied Health/Nurse Recruitment, Behavioral Interviewing, HR Role in Investigations, Health Care Best Practices, Health Care Recruitment in Non Acute Care Settings, Recognition Programs, etc.

If you have not attended IMAGE before, I can assure you that it is a great conference!

ALSO…..If you have  a case study to share, we would love to discuss spotlighting you on one of our webinars! Just email us.

The benefits of being an industry presenter include:

  • Being recognized as a credible spokesperson within our industry
  • Public recognition for your peers/team
  • Forcing you to document your case study for internal customers to learn about
  • Getting a chance to network with other industry thought leaders :)

I hope you take the opportunity to share your story!

PS – Take a look at the poll results from last weeks blog show below.


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Are You Currently Utilizing Video Interviewing in Your Hiring Process?

Are You a Fan of Video Interviewing?

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Last week I was interviewed by HealthcareSource regarding my thoughts on video interviewing.

I have to say that overall, I am a big fan of video interviewing (and Interview Manager® :) ) for a variety of reasons including: 

  • Interviewing ‘out of market’ candidates – - Why wouldn’t you have a dynamic video interview prior to bringing someone in? It is good for both parties to ‘meet’ in a two-dimensional format to see if it makes sense to move forward and the cost savings (versus just a phone view prior to flying a candidate in) are HUGE!!!
  • It allows managers to review and compare candidates.  This is a really cool feature!
  • The entry portal can provide a really professional candidate experience including the ability to provide video links, etc.
  • Remote managers can participate in the interview – - saving time/money for all parties.
  • Candidates that do not have a video camera get one FOR FREE!  So those folks that you might think are ‘technology phobic’ (because they don’t have a camera) . . . can see how easy it is to use :) .
  • Helps drive a Lean, efficient staffing process!

One of my clients commented “If I could just get more candidate to meet with my managers, they would get excited about our facility, location, and job opportunity.  But I often can’t get them to fly in to visit us!”  What a wonderful, risk free way to engage both parties to explore and see if there is a mutual interest!?

One candidate commented that video interviewing can also set a positive tone about how leading edge the organization is regarding technology (a good thing!). “If HR is using new technology . . . I bet the entire facility is!”   

I have another client starting to implement a video interview platform for all entry level campus hiring.  This is a great way to consistently evaluate candidates in a market segment used to using technology.  Of course this platform probably isn’t the right tool for your non-exempt hires. 

For many situations, video interviewing makes perfect sense to me!  But, I’m curious what you folks think.  Please provide us with your input by responding to the polls below.  I will publish the results of what you’re thinking next week :) !

Taking the TIME to be a Recruitment Business Partner!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

The first week in October leaps us into the heart of the fall season and the end of FY Quarter 3 – 2011!  For those of you that have embedded a continuous improvement methodology into culture, it is time for you to: 

  • Update your performance scorecard/dashboard (both team and individual).
  • Celebrate success (areas where performance has improved).
  • Identify areas for improvement.
  • Develop a 90-day Performance Improvement Action Plan.

In addition, this is also the perfect time to have a strategic meeting with your key customers to discuss last quarter’s performance and plan for the future.

A one-hour meeting every 90-days with key customers is not only invaluable to quantify ROI and develop performance improvement initiatives (Can’t manage what you don’t measure!) but . . . to earn the respect as a true Recruitment Business Partner! 


The nature of our business unfortunately dictates that 90%+ of the time with our key customers is spent in ‘tactical mode’ discussing qualifying open req’s, interviewing candidates, delivering offers, etc.  Rarely does it allow for discussions on:

  • Upcoming hiring needs
  • Succession planning
  • Staffing performance
  • Celebrating Success
  • Etc.

Then we wonder why our key customers don’t view us as Strategic Business Partners!?!?  Hmmm? Why would they if we never engage in discussions on more strategic topics!

Now to accomplish this, you need to dedicate the TIME to updating your scorecard, developing a presentation, etc.   And I know that TIME is the one precious commodity you don’t have enough of!  But I am sure anyone reading this post would agree that the time invested is 100% worth it. 

A straightforward meeting Agenda:

  • Discuss overall performance in areas of quality, responsiveness, customer satisfaction, efficiency, cost, etc. (key performance indicators on your scorecard)
  • Celebrate success
  • Discuss opportunities for improvement
  • Discuss 90, 180 day workforce needs, succession planning, etc.
  • Document any/all action items to be accomplished in next 90 days

This meeting can be accomplished in 1 to 2 hours over lunch and could be the most important time you INVEST towards being respected as a true Recruitment Business Partner!

I hope you’re having a “Perfect Week”!