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Are You a Fan of Video Interviewing?

Last week I was interviewed by HealthcareSource regarding my thoughts on video interviewing.

I have to say that overall, I am a big fan of video interviewing (and Interview Manager® :) ) for a variety of reasons including: 

  • Interviewing ‘out of market’ candidates – - Why wouldn’t you have a dynamic video interview prior to bringing someone in? It is good for both parties to ‘meet’ in a two-dimensional format to see if it makes sense to move forward and the cost savings (versus just a phone view prior to flying a candidate in) are HUGE!!!
  • It allows managers to review and compare candidates.  This is a really cool feature!
  • The entry portal can provide a really professional candidate experience including the ability to provide video links, etc.
  • Remote managers can participate in the interview – - saving time/money for all parties.
  • Candidates that do not have a video camera get one FOR FREE!  So those folks that you might think are ‘technology phobic’ (because they don’t have a camera) . . . can see how easy it is to use :) .
  • Helps drive a Lean, efficient staffing process!

One of my clients commented “If I could just get more candidate to meet with my managers, they would get excited about our facility, location, and job opportunity.  But I often can’t get them to fly in to visit us!”  What a wonderful, risk free way to engage both parties to explore and see if there is a mutual interest!?

One candidate commented that video interviewing can also set a positive tone about how leading edge the organization is regarding technology (a good thing!). “If HR is using new technology . . . I bet the entire facility is!”   

I have another client starting to implement a video interview platform for all entry level campus hiring.  This is a great way to consistently evaluate candidates in a market segment used to using technology.  Of course this platform probably isn’t the right tool for your non-exempt hires. 

For many situations, video interviewing makes perfect sense to me!  But, I’m curious what you folks think.  Please provide us with your input by responding to the polls below.  I will publish the results of what you’re thinking next week :) !

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