Lean, Just-in-Time Recruiting!

Some Cool Stuff at HealthcareSource!

I was asked to speak at the HealthcareSource User conference this year regarding our Recruitment Metrics Benchmark Study Trends.

It was an excellent conference in many respects but what jumped out most to me was  . . . how they have listened to their customers

The updates to their core products and introduction of new products (including SourcingManager) seem spot on.  

HealthcareSource recently partnered with ASHHRA on the 2011 Healthcare HR Initiatives Survey*.  They solicited input from healthcare human resource professionals regarding top initiatives for reducing costs, improving patient satisfaction, and patient safety.  69% of respondents chose “streamlining HR processes” as the key HR initiative to cut costs!  

This is what we preach and teach every day! :)

With that critical information in mind, they have made significant updates to Position Manager to make it simple, easy and efficient to use.  In addition, they are adding a host of reporting capabilities that will allow them to provide the key data required at the enterprise, department, and individual level to quantify a recruitment organization ROI to key stakeholders and drive performance improvement initiatives!

The fact that they will pull most of the data required to participate in our Healthcare Recruitment Benchmark Study (free of charge) is an added bonus :) .

I was also really impressed with their new Sourcing Manager product!  Again – they have made it simple, easy and efficient to manage all job board postings within a few clicks.  It is similar to a top end catalog shopping experience. Quick, easy and efficient.

Most importantly – it provides the analytical platform required to analyze your recruitment advertising spend.  While many products/agencies focus on Cost per Click or Cost per Application, SourcingManager provides process efficiency metrics from ‘Click to Hire’.  They provide cost per hire and benchmark data across job boards. Cool, Cool, stuff. 

They truly understand the principles important to Lean, efficient staffing process. And that the goal is not ‘clicks’ or applications’ . . . IT IS QUALITY HIRES! :) .  

It is great to see folks listening to the customer and developing solutions to meet their needs.

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