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Holidays are the Best Time to Source Top Talent!

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

But do you have the Time to do it?  (Call to Action button:  – If you don’t have time to source during the holidays, we can help)

Studies indicate that the best time to connect with passive candidates is during the holidays and into January.  

  • Most are reflecting on the past year, the new year — and they are vulnerable to “listen” to new opportunities
  • Let’s face it — work slows down and they have more time to take a call, meet for a cup of coffee, or sit down and talk!
  • Many will know their ‘fate’ with respect to a year-end bonus. They will know what it is and when it will be paid out.  If they are not happy, they will start a job search so they are prepared to leave once they have received it.

Now this doesn’t mean they will LEAVE their company and start with a new organization during this time. Rather, it presents a great opportunity to connect with top talent and start a positive dialog about your organization and their future goals.  

As discussed in a recent blog most corporations struggle filling approximately 25% of their openings (average TTF for those positions – 113 days!)


  • Requisition management issues (common triggers – managers not engaged, position goes on hold but still being counted, sourcing req’s tainting data, etc.)
  • Sourcing issue (recruiters not spending the time and/or don’t have the expertise to recruit passive, top talent)


If you are not taking advantage of this GREAT TIME to recruit top talent for your difficult to fill positions, we recommend:

  • Dedicating the time to do it! Maybe have fun with a sourcing blitz contest with your team? 
  • Outsourcing it! If you don’t have time to do it (or it is not your cup of tea).

There are quality firms out there that will identify and recruit top talent from your competition for half the cost of recruitment agencies. I will shamelessly plug our sister firm – The RIO Group.  I have seen time and time again how they have deployed targeted recruitment strategies to fill difficult positions and/or develop talent pipelines and your database of talented professionals.


I would recommend running a sixty day report and identifying those positions that are critical to your organization and . . . devise a plan to source for them over the next 45 days.  From experience, it could be the best solution you can implement to start the New Year off right!

10 Dumbest Things Recruiters Do!!

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

So why do we keep doing them?

John Sullivan recently published an article “Top 10 Dumbest things Recruiters do….!

The results further confirmed what we have been preaching for years! :)

Specifically –it is not ONE thing that Elite recruiters do differently, rather . . . it is that they do everything 10%+ better!

It is ‘technique vs. task.’ 

Let’s face it – We all play the same game and do the same tasks. We perform intake sessions with managers, source/interview candidates, manage the hiring process, deliver offers, etc. 

It is those that master the art of each task (IE – proper technique) that are ‘Elite’.  Those that work on their technique rather than just ‘check the box’ and say – - I did the task.

  • Ask employees for referrals – CHECK
  • Do an intake session and post position – CHECK
  • Qualify candidate compensation/career motives – CHECK

But did you do a good job and execute each task flawlessly?

Bottom Line – I find the majority of recruiters do not work at their craft and keep doing dumb things!

Why? Because:

  • They already think they know it all.
  • They don’t really care to get better.
  • They are looking for the ‘silver bullet’ piece of technology or tool to solve their problems that never materialize.
  • It is hard work! 

I love two quotes by Brian Tracy:

Good habits are hard to create and easy to live with”

“Bad habits are easy to create but hard to live with”

As we roar into 2012, are you ready to ‘self-reflect’ and . . . stop doing dumb things :) ?

Are you Ready to create some new good habits?

We have created a Recruiter Competency/Skill Self-Assessment Tool to help you baseline your current performance and develop strategies to improve.

We have had over 2500 recruiters participate nationally!  It is free and . . . we will send you your results (compared to industry averages) once you have completed it! 

I hope you have a Perfect Day and Mr. Sullivan’s survey results (and this blog) inspire you to become an ‘Elite Recruiter’!