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Data-Driven Healthcare Recruiting

Predictive analytics are driving many healthcare organizations’ hiring decisions in today’s competitive market.

 I was recently interviewed for an article regarding the use of metrics to manage and streamline hiring processes in today’s competitive marketplace.

The focus of the article includes: 

  • Significance of organizations capturing the right data to help optimize their recruitment strategies and eliminate the time and money holes spent on untargeted recruitment campaigns.
  • Predictive analytics and hiring.
  • Prioritizing hiring.

I thought you might find this article called Data-Driven Healthcare Recruiting worthwhile!

It is true, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. And if you don’t have a predictive, performance management scorecard – it will become more difficult to manage recruitment as the market for talent continues to heat up!

PS – If you’re seeking to learn more about how you can use metrics to:

  • Quantify ROI to key stakeholders
  • Drive performance improvement initiatives
  • Celebrate success

I would encourage you to become a LEAN Healthcare Community Member so you can participate in the LEAN Healthcare Recruitment Metrics Benchmark Study

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David Szary

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