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Competencies & Skill of ‘Elite’ Recruiters

How do you rate as an ‘Elite’ Recruiter?

Last week I had the pleasure to start a customized Recruiter Academy Education & Development Solution for one of the largest companies in the world, with recruiters from countries literally spanning the globe, including the Philippines to England, and the United States to Saudi Arabia.

As part of our program, we encouraged the recruiters to baseline their performance by participating in our ‘Elite’ Recruiter Competency & Skill Self-Assessment Study. We also asked each and every recruiter to rate which 5 competencies and which 5 skills they believe are most important for being recognized as an ‘Elite’ Recruiter.

As I analyzed the data, it was amazing to see how transferable these competencies and skills were even though the recruiters represented different cultures from all over the world.  The results were very similar to the ones I might find from an organization with U.S. based recruiters in Seattle and Peoria vs. those in Saudi Arabia and the Philippines! 

Our ‘Elite’ Recruiter Competency & Skill Self-Assessment model has evolved over the last 15 years through interaction with recruitment leaders across the country.  And over the last three years, over 2500 recruiters have participated in this FREE study.

We also encourage you to spend just 15 minutes and Participate Today. When completed, please feel free to provide us feedback on how it compares with your model.  We will be posting some of the aggregate results and interesting findings from this round of participants very soon.

Most importantly, we encourage you to:

  • Utilize this tool to identify and hire ‘Elite’ Recruiters.
  • Baseline performance before you embark on a performance improvement initiative or an educational program, like one of our Recruiter Academy Certified Education Programs.

NOTE: Recruitment leaders – if you would like us to perform a customized analysis for you team, please contact ckendall@leanhumancapital.com.

I hope you have a Perfect Week!

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