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Earning Credibility As A Recruitment Business Partner

Three Keys To Success!

Recently, our team decided to listen to the renowned personal achievement program – Psychology of Achievement – by Brian Tracy.

I was first exposed to this program 20 years ago. It was given to my boss as I moved into my first supervisory role in recruiting.  It not only had a profound personal impact on me, but was the catalyst for writing The Recruiter Handbook and creating our Recruiter Academy Certified Recruiter Program.

In one of the modules, Brian provides a wonderfully simple recipe on how to build credibility.  In his studies, he has found there are three keys to success with respect to building credibility:

  1. Likability – If your clients personally like you, it will go a long way towards building credibility.  Conversely, if someone doesn’t like you, building credibility is pretty tough.
  2. Trust – being trustworthy is very important.  Your clients must trust that you are working in their best interests, and that they can share confidential information and solicit your input without recourse. 
  3. Knowledge – You have to be respected for your knowledge of the department and business line you provide recruitment support for. In all facets of recruiting including sourcing, assessment, and driving an excellent customer experience. 

Think about it.  If your clients like you, trust you and respect you for your knowledge….you would probably get high marks for credibility.

Credibility as a Recruitment Business Partner = Customer Satisfaction.  

If one of your goals is to become a more respected Recruitment Business Partner, I would encourage you to think about your key customers and reflect on how you think they would “rate” you in these three areas:

Likability | Trust | Knowledge

I hope you are having a Perfect Week!

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