Lean, Just-in-Time Recruiting!

3 Ways to Eliminate Recruitment Waste!

& What Is The Status Of My Application?

A couple of weeks ago, Rebecca McNeil from HealthcareSource and I taped a couple of episodes of our Just-in-Time Education podcasts for  Recruiters on two hot topics that seem to always pop up when talking “shop” with fellow recruitment professionals.  

  • How to Eliminate Recruitment Waste – Specifically, 3 ways to eliminate waste and wait time in the hiring process so we can spend more quality time talking to quality candidates.
  • What Is The Status Of My Application? – How do we manage unqualified applicant flow inquires and truly get candidates to be “honest” about their true intentions and….if they would be a great fit for your organization.

I thought the podcasts had some relevant information to share :) .

I hope you have a Perfect Week!

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