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Recruiters – Invest in Your Career

By Using the Golden Hour!

As I continue to listen to Brian Tracy’s Psychology of Achievement tapes, I am reminded of some powerful thoughts that separate ‘Elite’ performers from those that are only average or good: 

  • We all start with the same knowledge on a particular subject – NONE!  Those that invest time in learning and developing their skills eventually become the most successful at their craft.
  • If you read something educational for about 1 hour per day, you would likely read 40-50 books in a year.  Reading that many books would be the equivalent of completing a PhD in a particular subject.
  • The first hour you are awake sets the tone for the entire day (The Golden Hour). If you start each day by reading something educational and motivational, eating healthy, and maybe doing a little exercise . . . you will probably have a more productive, positive day, especially if you also include the LEAN Perfect Day plan! :)

I recently got back in the habit of reading educational and motivational material for about 15-30 minutes most mornings, and I can say that not only do I feel like I am learning new things, I am more productive and positive throughout the day.

If you are not in this habit, I encourage you to try it for at least 3 mornings a week for the next month. I bet it has the same positive effect on you as it does on me! 

P.S. – Another great investment for Healthcare Recruiters is attending the National Association for Healthcare Recruitment (NAHCR) Image 2012 Conference July 24-27. I recently did a fun podcast with Rebecca McNeil from HealthcareSource and Lydia Ostermeier, Director of Nurse Recruitment and Resource Allocation at IU Health and President of NAHCR. There are many reasons to attend the conference!  We came up with the top 5 for our latest episode of Just-in-Time Education – a podcast for Healthcare HR. Listen to our podcast to hear the top 5 reasons why we think you should attend the NAHCR 2012 IMAGE Conference in July!

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