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Healthcare Recruitment Metrics

Why should you track & benchmark them?

In the last three years, we have had over 150 unique healthcare systems participate in our Healthcare Recruitment Metrics Benchmark Study

And we are in the process of analyzing the data for our 2012 Study as I write this blog! 

In the next few weeks, I will be facilitating recruitment metrics workshops at NACHR’s IMAGE 2012 Conference & presenting the 2012 Healthcare Recruitment Metrics Benchmark Study FINAL results on August 8th.

With countless hours dedicated to gathering, tracking and benchmarking recruitment metrics…I think it is always important to step back and reflect on why we do it and WHY it is so important!   

Three key reasons why we track & benchmark metrics: 

  • To Quantify Return On Investment for Key Stakeholders!  Now more than ever, HR/Recruitment organizations need to quantify their value to executives, key stakeholders, etc.  How do we quantify the positive impact of key initiatives like reducing costs and improving patient care and satisfaction?  A well balanced recruitment metrics scorecard can enable you to do this!
  • Identify Performance Improvement Solutions.  It is true, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.  Tracking metrics and benchmarking against your peers can identify areas for improvement, and solutions with respect to cost, quality, responsiveness/speed and process efficiency.
  • Celebrate Success!  I think this is probably the biggest reason to track & benchmark metrics.  In recruitment, we too often focus on all the things we have to get done, like the countless number of unfilled requisitions on our plate, rather than all the things we accomplish.  An effective recruiter scorecard can show how well you perform relative to industry peers, and also show the improvements in performance made over time on a quarterly basis.

Speaking of celebrating Success, listen to our podcast: How to Become a LEAN Healthcare Recruitment Organization to hear Debra Palmer, Director of Development & Resources and Janet Cooper, Recruiter from Fairfield Medical Center, describe how Fairfield made our LEAN Healthcare Recruitment Metrics Benchmark ‘Elite Honor Roll’ through their Lean Transformation Journey!

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