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Healthcare Recruitment Metrics

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Why should you track & benchmark them?

In the last three years, we have had over 150 unique healthcare systems participate in our Healthcare Recruitment Metrics Benchmark Study

And we are in the process of analyzing the data for our 2012 Study as I write this blog! 

In the next few weeks, I will be facilitating recruitment metrics workshops at NACHR’s IMAGE 2012 Conference & presenting the 2012 Healthcare Recruitment Metrics Benchmark Study FINAL results on August 8th.

With countless hours dedicated to gathering, tracking and benchmarking recruitment metrics…I think it is always important to step back and reflect on why we do it and WHY it is so important!   

Three key reasons why we track & benchmark metrics: 

  • To Quantify Return On Investment for Key Stakeholders!  Now more than ever, HR/Recruitment organizations need to quantify their value to executives, key stakeholders, etc.  How do we quantify the positive impact of key initiatives like reducing costs and improving patient care and satisfaction?  A well balanced recruitment metrics scorecard can enable you to do this!
  • Identify Performance Improvement Solutions.  It is true, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.  Tracking metrics and benchmarking against your peers can identify areas for improvement, and solutions with respect to cost, quality, responsiveness/speed and process efficiency.
  • Celebrate Success!  I think this is probably the biggest reason to track & benchmark metrics.  In recruitment, we too often focus on all the things we have to get done, like the countless number of unfilled requisitions on our plate, rather than all the things we accomplish.  An effective recruiter scorecard can show how well you perform relative to industry peers, and also show the improvements in performance made over time on a quarterly basis.

Speaking of celebrating Success, listen to our podcast: How to Become a LEAN Healthcare Recruitment Organization to hear Debra Palmer, Director of Development & Resources and Janet Cooper, Recruiter from Fairfield Medical Center, describe how Fairfield made our LEAN Healthcare Recruitment Metrics Benchmark ‘Elite Honor Roll’ through their Lean Transformation Journey!

Seeking Presenters to Share Thier Story!

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

As I reflect on the unofficial close to ‘Conference Season’ for the holidays, I am further convinced that what makes a conference great (to me) are the dynamic presenters that:

  • Are motivational
  • Are funny
  • Have real life experiences/case studies to share
  • All of the above!

From my conversations with other professionals at these events, I seem to be part of the majority that think this way.  There’s nothing worse than listening to a person pontificating on the abstract theory of a topic telling you ‘what’ you should be doing.

I would rather hear the un-sanitized ‘real life’ case study related to something we all struggle with or want to learn about. I want the ‘how to’ strategies. I want to hear about the challenges and the success story regarding the journey!

We try to provide this type of experience when presenting at conferences or via our webinars.  So, I’d like to shamelessly plug our next webinar!

Henry Ford Health System’s Journey to Migrate to a Lean, JIT Recruitment Organization!
Presented by Barb Matti, Director of Talent Acquisition at Henry Ford Health System
November 2, 2011 from 1:00-2:00 PM EDT
Register Now

In addition, I want to encourage all of you folks that are motivational, funny or . . . have real life experiences/case studies to share . . . TO SHARE YOUR STORY WITH US!

The National Association for Health Care Recruitment (NAHCR) is currently seeking presenters (Call for Presenters) for their Annual IMAGE Conference which will take place in Indianapolis next July!  They’re seeking presentations that involve “real life” programs and case studies including topics such as: Allied Health/Nurse Recruitment, Behavioral Interviewing, HR Role in Investigations, Health Care Best Practices, Health Care Recruitment in Non Acute Care Settings, Recognition Programs, etc.

If you have not attended IMAGE before, I can assure you that it is a great conference!

ALSO…..If you have  a case study to share, we would love to discuss spotlighting you on one of our webinars! Just email us.

The benefits of being an industry presenter include:

  • Being recognized as a credible spokesperson within our industry
  • Public recognition for your peers/team
  • Forcing you to document your case study for internal customers to learn about
  • Getting a chance to network with other industry thought leaders :)

I hope you take the opportunity to share your story!

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