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The most important Service Level Agreement?

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

In our recent post, the Backlash is Back, we promised to discuss “game changing”, low tech techniques/tactics (we call them web 0.0) that Elite Recruiters execute flawlessly 95% of the time!

To kick off that discussion, last week Bradley provided thoughts and ideas about being a Strategic Business Partner and the importance of defining the staffing process and setting service level agreements (or SLAs) with your hiring manager.

To me, the most important Service Level Agreement you can set with your hiring manager to manage initial expectations and improve and maintain excellent customer service is – - Requisition Received to “first submittal”.

Defined: This is the time that occurs between you as the recruiter receiving and qualifying the requisition from the hiring manager to the time you send over the first pre-screened, qualified candidates for consideration (or a pre-determined # or slate of qualified candidates).

9 times out of 10, when you ask a hiring manager the question during the intake session – - “when do you need this person” . . .

They respond – - “yesterday” or “ASAP”.

And probably 9 times out of 10, recruiters walk away from that discussion without setting an expectation of when the hiring manager should start to see quality applicant flow from them.

Will you have candidates to interview in 2 days? 10 days? never?

I wrote an article on this subject last August that I thought you might want to check out.

In addition – - if you are interested in an example of a Staffing Process Service Level Agreement and how we have this question defined in our Intake session, please email us.

Have a productive, Perfect Day

David Szary

The backlash is back!

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

It seems like déjà vu. About 10 years ago the art of crafting Boolean search string commands, “peeling back URL’s” took the recruitment industry by storm.  Much like the Job boards did in the mid to late 90′s .   These new sourcing techniques were claimed to be the next ‘silver bullet’ with respect to finding that elusive passive, high quality candidate.  Recruiters raced out to learn more about these techniques and if . . .they executed the techniques properly. . . on certain types of positions . . . they found success. 

Fast forward and 10 years later and the same phenomenon is occurring again. We have a new set of technology based sourcing tools to find candidates.

  • Blogs have replaced internet “chat rooms” (isn’t a blog what we used to call a “chat room”?)
  • Searching the Internet via powerful browsers and Boolean search string logic has become even more advanced and powerful
  • Huge databases of people have emerged in social networks

Web 2.0 is what we are calling it this time around and again . . . like 10 years ago . . . on certain types of positions . . . these are powerful tools that work!

But just like last time, the pendulum that probably “swung to far to the right” is coming back.

Over the past six months, many discussions have been focusing back on the fundamentals of recruiting. While technology-based tools and methodologies can assist in finding candidates and even developing relationships . . . we know that this is only one piece of the pie.

What about – -

  • Engaging hiring managers, identifying the skills and competencies that are required of a new employee
  • Setting Service Level agreements
  • Developing and communicating a value proposition to attract quality top talent
  • Skillful Assessment techniques
  • Candidate Interview Preparation
  • Effective Salary negotiation tactics
  • Having the discipline to manage priorities, daily time management, and goal setting, etc.

The Pareto principle (80/20 rule) probably applies somewhere in this conversation. Just like 10 years ago, with all these cool new gadgets – - it is hard not to focus 80% of your time, effort and energy trying to master them. But the reality is there is no silver bullet with respect to recruiting.  Recruiting is a balance between technology, “Boolean searches”, networking groups, and the bullets above!

These thoughts of mine were further validated at the ERE conference last week. While there certainly were some really cool technology-based sourcing and selection tools – - many of the sessions were focused more on the fundamentals, managing client relationships, and measuring success/ROI, etc.

Tony Blake from DaVita, in his excellent presentation, quoted a person stating – - “The next killer app. in recruiting is the recruiter!” (I love this quote!)

Mike Grennier from Wal-Mart in his presentation titled “What I have Learned” . . . stated – - “Don’t forget about the phone as a core fundamental recruiting tool!”

So just like 10 years ago, the pendulum is starting to swing back to the right…

“Mastering the fundamentals, while maybe not that sexy, is back in style!”

Richard Newsom from Fifth Third Bank stated the following during his sesession “Managing your recruitment department on a single metric”: “There is nothing more powerful in recruiting than a skillful recruiter managing the process artfully from “end-to-end” to achieve exemplary customer satisfaction ratings from your internal/external customers. ”

To this point, over the coming weeks we will be discussing 10 fundamental “game changers” that Elite recruiters execute flawlessly 95% of the time!

Little money/Even less time to grow your network – Quick Tip

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

 A quick tip/reminder as we head into the holiday weekend.

Linkedin!!! – Remember-when you interview a candidate that you perceive as high quality it only takes a few minutes to send them a quick linkedin invitation!

There couldn’t be an easier thing to do to expand your network. Get done with an interview, do to linkedin and invite that candidate in.

I bet many of you are thinking right now – - of course, I do that . . . BUT — do you do it 100% of the time with each and every quality candidate you interview?

If the answer is no – - Then I recommend that you put a POST IT note on your PC screen stating:

Invite all quality candidates to link in with me!

If you develop the discipline to do this 100% of the time, your network will grow exponentially over the next six months!

Have a great holiday weekend!