Customized Training Leads to Significant Productivity Improvements

Summary of Situation

One of the world's largest financial services companies was looking to implement a training program for it's over 300 recruiters hiring 36,000 people annually. The organization was looking to partner with an organization which would develop a fully customized training program rather than simple "off the shelf" module based curriculum.


LEAN's Recruiter Academy Education & Development Solution was the obvious partner to assist in designing a competency based training program for the financial services organization's recruiting staff.

LEAN worked with the client to understand gaps in the skills, competencies, and behaviors of the recruiters through Voice of the Customer surveys and focus groups. Once the gaps were identified, LEAN worked with the client to design a tailored solution to address those gaps. Over a period of several months the client's staffing team was trained through in person and online courses by LEAN's team of consultants.

Financial Services Case Study

Results & ROI

The results were impressive. Attendees of the program were over 90% satisfied with the content, and over 95% satisfied with the way the program addressed gaps in their skill set.

The Vice President of Staffing commented: "The results of the training program enabled us to see a 15% improvement in staffing productivity as well as a 20% improvement in staffing associate satisfaction levels."

"This program was one of the highest rated programs ever! Our partnership with LEAN Recruiter Academy has enabled us to migrate our staffing culture to one of continuous improvement over time."

Vice President of Staffing