About David Szary

David Szary


David is a leading authority on developing radical, just-in-time recruitment solutions for companies seeking to develop an elite staffing organization.


In 1998, David founded Recruiter Academy, and over the past 15 years he has worked with more than 3000 companies in 45 states and 10 countries, including some of the largest and most recognized organizations in the world. His renowned Recruiter Academy Education & Development Solution, which includes a Certification Curriculum for recruiters and recruitment leaders, has helped educate thousands worldwide on recruiting best practices and how to manage an efficient staffing process.


David has studied and benchmarked numerous experts and theories in the fields of performance improvement (e.g. Toyota Production System, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints), behavior modification, time management, and personal achievement. Combining this knowledge with his years of consulting and educating recruitment organizations, he developed LEAN's innovative Recruitment Analytic and Process Optimization methodologies.


In 2010, he created the LEAN Healthcare Recruitment Metrics Benchmark Study. This annual study has assisted over hundreds of healthcare organizations benchmark their performance and quantify ROI to key stakeholders with respect to cost, quality, responsiveness and efficiency.


David is a requested keynote speaker at a variety of healthcare, corporate and staffing industry events including ERE, OnRec, NAHCR Annual Image Conference, local and state sponsored SHRM/EMA meetings and conferences, and the World Job Summit. He has published numerous articles on staffing, just-in-time hiring, lean recruiting, and best practices of elite recruiters. He is also the author of The Recruiter Handbook and Best (and Worst) Advice for Job Seekers.


Popular speaking topics include:

  • The Changing Role of The Recruiter
  • Lean Recruiting
  • Just-in-Time Hiring
  • The Art & Science of Recruiting Passive Candidates
  • Old School Sourcing
  • Going from Good to Elite