About Deb Vargovick

Deb is a leading Senior Consultant who brings a unique blend of Human Resources expertise along with strong operational business acumen to her clients.  She advises senior human resources and staffing executives on strategic optimization of their human capital strategies and practices.

She has spent most of her career leading large (250+ employees) operational teams for Fortune 500 organizations such as The Disney Store, The Gap, Borders Group Inc. and Best Buy.  Deb received additional training in finance, business acumen, and customer service where she leveraged her skills to exceed profitability goals leading large scale operations within these organizations.

During her 10 year tenure with The Walt Disney Company, she was thrilled to transition into the HR side of the business. She designed training classes for leaders’ continued growth and development, facilitated the recruiting and hiring process for key Epcot leadership positions, applied “Lean” techniques to standardize and streamline processes for the entire Walt Disney World merchandise division.

Most recently, she led the Henry Ford Health System recruiting organization through a centralization restructure and the introduction of a new sourcing model. She helped define the new organizational structure, trained her 30 member team on new processes, and implemented a “Lean” team to continuously assess and eliminate waste in the recruitment process. Through her efforts, her team was able to cut Time-to-Fill in half within 2 years!