'Elite' Recruiter Competency & Skill Self-Assessment Study

Over the last 15 years, we have worked with recruiters from over 3000 companies. During this time, we have developed a passion for understanding and identifying the competencies and skills that distinguish and separate 'Elite' Recruiters from the rest.

During our consultative engagements, we have created an 'Elite' recruiter competency and skill model that our clients use:

  • To identify and hire 'Elite' Recruiters.
  • For performance management of their current staff.

And in order to develop broader benchmarking over the last three years, we have provided everyone (recruiters and recruitment leaders) an opportunity to participate for FREE in our Self-Assessment Study. We currently have over 2500 profiles and counting.

We encourage you to participate in this FREE study today!  It is a great tool for recruiters to baseline their performance before they embark on a performance improvement journey. To participate, just find the link that best describes you below and sign in.  It will take you about 15 minutes to complete the full assessment, and we will provide you with the full results via email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is for your OWN self-improvement!  With that said, for us to have fair and accurate benchmarks, please take this seriously and respond honestly. 

Choose the link that best describes you:

Healthcare Recruiter

Higher Education

Financial Services Recruiter

Technology Recruiter

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General Corporate Recruiter

Agency Recruiter


Recruitment Leaders – if you would like us to perform a customized analysis for your team, please contact us at info@leanhumancapital.com.